The Hiring Playbooks

A series of five hiring e-books that will turn all your hires into wins. Free to download.

Five hiring
e-books created by experts

“We created these hiring e-books in collaboration with industry experts and Homerun customers. The result is a series of free Playbooks that teach you to create a strong hiring culture and enable you to hire the best talent together, as a team."

Willem van Roosmalen  —  Co-founder


How to create a solid and strong hiring culture.

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What's inside?
  • Review your current process
  • Find out what your team thinks
  • Analyze the results
  • Define your company culture & brand


How to stand out & attract the right candidates.

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What's inside?
  • Craft a career site candidates love
  • Write a clear job brief
  • Make amazing job posts


How to identify and reach the right candidates.

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What's inside?
  • Pinpoint who you're looking for
  • Reach out to your candidates


How to interview and select the right candidate.

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What's inside?
  • Interview candidates objectively
  • Choose the right person
  • Onboard with care


How to learn from and improve your hiring policy.

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What's inside?
  • Use benchmarks
  • Evaluate with purpose
  • Improve your hiring process